Call for Submissions – 2024 Data Centric Architecture Forum

We’re looking for presenters for the 6th annual Data-Centric Forum June 4-6 in Fort Collins, CO.  These are the topics we think are of high interest.  We have a lot of flexibility, so don’t feel restricted in making suggestions.  Our expectation is two to three presentations on each topic – combined with some shorter presentations and panel debates.

Topics of Interest

LLMs and Graph

Our track on Generative AI will focus on how it fits into a data-centric / knowledge graph-based architecture.  While we all are interested in how ChatGPT might be used to harvest the beginnings of an ontology from a corpus of documents, our real focus in this forum is how and where does it plug into an architecture.


We want to focus on two streams of thought:

  1. How can we coordinate across firms to share cyber intelligence,
  2. What do we need to add to the data-centric stack to improve its cyber resilience. 

Provenance and Data Lineage

One of the many areas that a data-centric architecture can distance itself from its rivals is in the area of provenance or data lineage.  There are approaches that are only feasible with graphs and we want attendees to be both aware of them and look at the tradeoffs associated with deploying them.

Entity Resolution

The whole linked data movement is predicated on figuring out when two nodes refer to the same thing.  One part of this topic is how to move the detection of sameness to the architecture and the second is what to do about it (owl:sameAs or IRI rewriting for instance).


Most triple stores seem to be fairly performant up to billions of triples, but some implementations call for far more scale.  We want to talk about how different organizations have overcome the scale speed bumps, and in particular how they did it and still remained true to data-centric principles.


Everyone likes cool demos of production semantic applications in action.  These should focus on the demos and discussion of how they were built and not be power point presentations of what a demo would show.

Instructions for submission

We will entertain other topics, just submit away.  Keep in mind:

  • It should be relevant to practitioners who are working on building or assembling their own data-centric architecture.
  • It should not be a blatant sales pitch. Most of the attendees are very interested in new products that might help with the process, just go easy on the pitch parts.
  • These are not academic presentations. Academics are welcome to attend – but present something that has been built, not a theory.
  • You don’t need to explain what knowledge graphs are or why people should adopt them. This audience is self-selected.  They know what this is, and they’ve already bought in.  They just want to know how.

We do not provide any special deals for speakers.  The conference fee is really meant to cover our out-of-pocket expenses (venue, food and a bit of beer) and we want to encourage as many people to speak as possible, so there is no free pass for speakers.

No fancy forms, just send a paragraph on what you’d like to present to,

Register now.

Both attendees and presenters must register. We look forward to seeing you in June.