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Realizing the Power of Semantic Knowledge Graphs.

A Two Day Virtual Symposium

February 6th & 7th, 2023

Building on the success of last year’s virtual symposium, join us as we hear from the “doers”, those who have committed to the journey in changing how information can be leveraged as a strategic asset.

$99 early registration ends on 12/10/2022

Digital technologies are game changers, and data stands at the center of this transformation. Of course, AI and ML are all the rage, but failure rates are high due to complex, inflexible, and structurally rigid data ecosystems.

Every organization is at some stage of optimizing data to improve business decisioning and enhance operational efficiency with a goal of increasing market share and revenue, but change is difficult to justify for executives, business leaders, enterprise architects, or anyone involved in digital transformation initiatives.

This year’s symposium will gather like-minded professionals to share those challenges and triumphs in getting there. So, we’ll be surfacing organizational stories (case studies) that uncover key findings and in-depth lessons learned from those on a data-centric journey. It will highlight implemented solutions and accomplishments during the course changes associated with a data-centric journey.

Data centricity is based on principles that govern a new paradigm towards enterprise digital and data literacy by leveraging semantic technologies. Our pursuit puts data at the center of enterprises.


Applications are optional visitors to the data. Be ready to think about data with a different optic!

Regardless of where you are; the talents, skills, processes, systems, and the implied roles data unification previously played in your company’s success will be changing. Future product development, customer growth, retention, and innovation will rely on refining information management architecture concepts. Manufacturing, pharmacy, healthcare, financial, and in fact, every industry will be illustrating implementation solutions to breakdown system silos during the DCA Symposium. This is not about technology but a mindset shift. Spoiler alert – Data Centric thinking accelerates enterprise transformation.

This year’s symposium will gather like-minded professionals to share the challenges and triumphs in achieving digital transformation.

Curious about what is “Data Centric?”

View this 3-minute video or read more from this quick-read blog.

Join our community and thought leaders across industries and disciplines on February 6 & 7, 2023 for virtual presentations on Enterprise Data Transformation along with opportunities for Q&A, learning, idea exchange, and professional growth.

Speakers are being lined up now.

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