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The Data Centric Architecture Forum is designed for semantic practitioners to come together and exchange ideas on the most challenging (and promising) components of data centric architecture.

The 2024 Data Centric Architecture Forum

This years event will be held on the Colorado State University campus (University Ballroom, Lory Student Center) June 4, 5, and 6, In Fort Collins, Colorado. (Location Map).

Why the DCA Forum

Data centric puts the data and model at the center as the most important part of the system.  Applications conform to the data, not the other way around.  Implementing a data centric architecture means shifting functionality so that it can be shared and reused.  Everything from constraint management, authentication, authorization and more must be abstracted away from application code and implemented architecturally.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no all-inclusive data-centric architecture that is commercially available.  Practitioners must build it from components.  This conference is for practitioners to explore the components that hold the most potential as well as for insight on how they can be architecturally assembled.

Who Should Attend

This conference is for practitioners.  Those who are already aligned with the data centric rationale and are interested in exploring the architectural pathway to implementation.    This Forum is designed as a small, interactive event.  There are no booths, no explicit marketing and a lot of space to get to know your fellow architectural nerds.

This is the “how” conference.  It is for people who have already decided that they are going to become data-centric and just need to know how to best proceed.


Click here Past Attendees for a sample of the companies and titles that have attended prior events.

This Years Event

This years event will be held on the Colorado State University campus (University Ballroom, Lory Student Center) June 

We are looking for people to share their experiences in these areas:


  • LLMs and Graph: how it fits into data-centric architecture
  • Cybersecurity: what’s required to improve cyber resilience
  • Provenance and Data Lineage: a core application, with tradeoffs
  • Entity Resolution: owl:sameAs or IRI rewriting for instance
  • Scale: data-centric approach to address scale speed bumps
  • Demos: how semantic applications were constructed

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What is Data Centric?

It’s the opposite of application centric. Data is at the center with applications built around it. Fundamentally, this data centric architecture is a mindset shift. At its core it acknowledges data’s valuable and versatile role in the larger enterprise and industry ecosystem and treats information and seamless knowledge sharing as a core asset. Read more about The Data Centric Revolution.

What Industries are Implementing?

Organizations are moving towards data eco-systems like Data Fabric and Data Mesh. Data-centric concepts serve as the foundational building blocks.

Every industry could benefit from dissolving information silos, reducing systems complexity while radically lowering integration debt.

What is “Data-Centric”?
Dave McComb

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