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Calling all thought leaders in data and digital transformation! Participate and share knowledge in the premier “Data-Centric Architecture” practitioner event of 2024. Our unique format will encourage interaction, lessons learned, and most importantly the practice of becoming data-centric.

Why the DCA Forum?

Data volumes are growing exponentially with unstructured information representing 95% of this growth (videos, text, voice …) Traditional thinking no longer scales. Economics and business competitiveness require change. Data democratization and enterprise harmonization represents the future.


JOIN THE MOVEMENT with those implementing improved data eco-systems.

Enterprise Data Transformation Symposium, Feb 12 & 13, 2024.

10 pragmatic data story tellers that have been leading the way will showcase lessons learned, core capability and architecture decisions, tactics for capturing and sustaining executive sponsorship, and offer strategic and prescriptive approaches for resolving the data dilemma. Prior story tellers include Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wolters Kluwer, Roche, AstraZeneca, Siemens, and IKEA. For this year, we’ve received early commits from Bosch and Amazon, with more to come.

Inspiration comes from firms that have chosen the data centric approach.

Find out directly from innovative data leaders that are implementing this semantics-first approach. No vendor halls, no software showcases, no technology hype and speculation – rather real business and technology leaders explaining the business value realized.

  • How can we get started down a data-centric path?
  • How can semantic knowledge graphs and data-centric thinking transform the way business is being conducted?
  • What methodologies and delivery approaches are working?
  • What talent and skills will it take to achieve?
  • Where can we expect resistance and how to overcome it?
  • How to demonstrate incremental value while building an extensible and scalable architecture for the enterprise?

What is Data Centric?

It’s the opposite of application centric. Data is at the center with applications built around it. Fundamentally, this data centric architecture is a mindset shift. At its core it acknowledges data’s valuable and versatile role in the larger enterprise and industry ecosystem and treats information and seamless knowledge sharing as a core asset.

What Industries are Implementing?

Organizations are moving towards data eco-systems like Data Fabric and Data Mesh. Data-centric concepts serve as the foundational building blocks.

Every industry could benefit from dissolving information silos, reducing systems complexity while radically lowering integration debt.

What is “Data-Centric”?
Dave McComb

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