Vendor Opportunities

Our 3rd annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum will be held virtually this February 1-3, 2021.

Attendees of our first two forums universally agreed on the need and possibility of the Data-Centric approach. We have sketched out the components that need to be in place to support a Data-Centric enterprise, which is what we call the “Data-Centric Architecture.” This architecture doesn’t exist as a single product that can be procured. As a result, the companies that will be presenting case studies have each built their own solutions, using available technology.

This is where you come in. Our attendees are looking for components, technologies and services to help them on this journey. Despite the abundance of sophisticated technology developments, most organizations don’t have disciplines or a plan to enable data-centric principles.

DCAF 2021 will help provide clarity on making Data-Centric REAL.

We welcome you to bring those products, solutions, and services to our passionate audience of information science transformational leaders, semantic knowledge graph and Ontology users, business innovators, data scientists / engineers, along with data-centric believers and critics alike.

Enriching enterprise data comes in multiple forms. Those attending will be starved for better ways to achieve growth, revenue, and continuous improvement through leveraging information assets.

Video Vendor Package

Due to our overwhelming response to our 3rd Annual virtual Data Centric Architecture (DCA) forum, our standard vendor package SOLD OUT quickly.  As a result, a slight refinement is being offered to the next 4 vendor sign ups.  Don’t miss this last opportunity! Please see the details of the refined package below:
  • Video Vender Promotion (2) 3-minute vendor videos to be played between presentation segments on main speaker track. Allows an opportunity to address all attendees on service or product offering.
  • Throughout the event: A unique vendor booth — a dedicated event location with active video meeting, promotional content, your company branding, contact info and links to downloadable content. Your vendor booth gives you an opportunity to invite attendees, schedule availability times, continue discussions directly, give demonstrations, and interact one-on-one with attendees (details TBD)
  • Dedicated “Slack like” channel for vendors, allowing direct communications with attendees and vendors allowing attendees to ask follow-up on questions, schedule a time to meet in your vendor booth, and notification alerts from attendees visiting your booth.
  • Full access for 2 members of vendor sponsors to all presentations (live and recorded), and full attendee email list for post event promoting
  • More dynamic platform opportunities to come for vendors to offer educational value…upload videos, whitepapers, links to website, multiple breakout networking rooms before, during, and after each day